Book Cricket… did you know?!

This one was triggered by a casual conv that I had with an Accountant and Finance Consultant.

I was introduced to the term ‘Book Cricket’ in a whole new perspective than the one that I knew of…though I bet many would look at me as caught in a time capsule for not knowing a probably popular term in the finance and accounting circles. If you are silently confessing that you don’t know it either…then read on… and even if you know it, do read on as this is my take on Book Cricket and there’s nothing technical about it!

If you grew up in the post-Dyanora years (don’t trouble yourself googling that now!)  and the Pre-AngryBird years then I presume you know Book Cricket the way I do. For the uninitiated, Book Cricket is an interesting classroom version of Cricket that you play with a text book…in most cases a History Text Book, thanks to its size.  All that the batsman has to do is to keep opening the text book at random and look for the page number that comes up on the even-page side and total up the last digit of the page number as runs. Your probabilities (as I remember!) are 2,4,6 and 0…don’t remember what was the deal if you turned up a 8. While 2,4 and 6 were runs…0 meant a lost wicket. With a 1 in 5 probability of being out, or a 1 in 10 probability as we used to believe then, book cricket was a rage in school to break boredom (which meant every break between periods!) and it was unisex…hence could be played with Karthik and Krithika being on the same team without any bias! While some claimed to have a golden finger that they never turned up a 0…some others blamed them for rigging the book and challenged them to play on a different book! There were senti-mentals as well, about the book used and players had the choice of using their own texts books versus a common book for both teams. The only ‘field hazard’ was a sticky finger or a sticky page where you end up with a torn page or two. A no-sweat game that was more gamble and less sport.

We were talking about companies that fudge accounts and practice year-end window dressing and the Finance Consultant called that Book Cricket! Yes…a no sweat game where you (I don’t mean YOU as in ‘YOU’!) just add empty 4s and 6s by the page and call them as your runs…and at times forget that you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting caught irrespective of the size of the book used to play…some know it but still play it…and all it takes is one wrong page or one sticky finger and you end up with a ‘0’…and unlike the Book Cricket played with the History book, the corporate version is known to bring Giants down on their knees and have ended many Golden runs with just one wrong page or one sticky finger.

Watch out for the Book Cricketers in the market!

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