‘Sir’ for the Optics?!

While closing my last trip with Drivezy their system acted up a bit and showed extra payable kilometers, while I had actually consumed less than a third of the package limit. I paid as requested on the App and later called #CustomerSupport to get it checked. The call connected in a jiffy and there was something refreshing about the call. In a long time… or maybe the first time… a CSE addressed me by first name and did not use the customary ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr.’ all through the call.

The colonial leftovers in me acknowledged this was a leveller! It added to the quality of the call and possibly the success of it too. The CSE took the details, apologized and said would talk to her team and call me back. The return call happened as said, to convey a reversal has been initiated and the call ended with a “Thank you Prasadh!”

Not sure if this is Drivezy’s SOP or just the personal method of that CSE I spoke to. Haven’t called them again to validate it! Maybe I wouldn’t! 🙂 Kudos if its an SOP!

Are Customer Service interactions expected to be a one-up game in favor of the customer always? Can we write-off the archaic salutations from customer interactions?

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