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‘Sir’ for the Optics?!

While closing my last trip with Drivezy their system acted up a bit and showed extra payable kilometers, while I ...
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Flip It to Test It! Of Passports and Chauvinism.

I decided to get the address on my passport changed and that took me on a wild goose chase for ...
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feeding a burping rabbit

Dangling Carrots to a Burping Rabbit?

I was once in a process workshop that was attempting to crack "what drives employees to bring their best to ...
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Power of the situation room

Lock the Doors… and Leave me Alone!

The morning of Saturday 1st Feb 2003... when Space Shuttle Columbia burnt up on its re-entry, Entry Flight Director LeRoy ...
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Restrung and Resurrected! Thank God for Little Mercies!

Thank God for the rethought that the director and the composer had on this composition and the artist who gave ...
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Know what you’re paying for…?

A folklore to share... A merchant ship carrying millions worth high quality perishable food stuff stalled en route with a ...
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Book Cricket… did you know?!

This one was triggered by a casual conv that I had with an Accountant and Finance Consultant. I was introduced ...
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Hungry? Here…have a Crisis.

My heart goes out to the victims of the Las Vegas Massacre. I was tracking the Las Vegas Massacre story ...
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